Euro Souvenir Portugal

The official 0€ Souvenir note

The official 0€ Souvenir note offers:

  • an original souvenir for your visitors
  • a new source of income for your attraction
  • a high-quality and sustainable means of communication
  • a unique souvenir

Concept EuroSouvenirPortugal
An impressive souvenir

Euro Souvenir Portugal is a unique concept that raises money for tourism and culture.

Présentoir EuroSouvenirPortugal
Automatic dispenser and counter display

Euro Souvenir Portugal offers two different ways to retail the official 0€ Souvenir note:
an automatic dispenser and a counter display.

The official 0€ Souvenir note doesn't only look genuine, it is genuine.
Histoire EuroSouvenirPortugal
One of the best-selling souvenirs in the world: the official 0€ Souvenir note

The idea of the official 0€ Souvenir came in 2015 by Frenchman Richard Faille: a series of authentic notes representing monuments, museums or other places of interest. The aim is to provide tourist and cultural places an additional income through the sales for the preservation, enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage. Since then, the concept has become an unprecedented success story.

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